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Fatal Attractions

Jun 21, 2024

The gang take a trip with special guest writer/director/actor Emily Bennett (Alone With You, Accidental Stars, LVRS), looking to discuss colour, unreliable narrators and the generaly cursed nature of David Lynch's nightmarish vision of jealousy, guilt and murder in 1997's Lost Highway.


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May 3, 2024

The gang made it... reached 100 episodes... and to celebrate they remember their favourite episodes, consider the state of the erotic thriller in the current world, and finally get into their long-awaited discussion of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

And there's even a special announcement, too.




Night on the...

Mar 8, 2024

The gang are joined by special guest, casting director and podcaster Timothy Evans (@timothyeraw), to veer away from the thrillers but stay firmly in the erotic camp to discuss fringe sexuality and human need in Steven Shainberg's darkly comic and sexy as hell 2002 film Secretary.


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Jan 19, 2024

The gang are joined by special guest, author Linda Belhadj, for an unsettling journey into jealousy and psychosis in Claude Chabrol's L'Enfer.




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